[RDP] [RDD] Feature Request: Command-line log creation

Frederick Henderson frederickjh at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 19:19:02 EDT 2011

On Wed, 16 Mar 2011 22:09:25 +0100, James Harrison  
<james at talkunafraid.co.uk> wrote:

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> Hi,
> I totally get where you're coming from- it's just that trying to
> implement that sort of behaviour into student radio in particular
> where we've got a _very_ flexible schedule (literally no two weeks are
> alike, often with shows that never appear anywhere else in the
> schedule filling up gaps where we've got reserve presenters stepping
> in, for example).
> Obviously I've not been using Rivendell anywhere near as long as other
> people have and I've not even got a particularly large background
> knowledge of radio (2 years of running student radio is about it!), so
> I'm happy to take any advice or guidance on how to deal with this.
> Making a single log for the day is really not something we can do
> because of how much stuff gets done on the day - most presenters come
> in on the same day of their show (an hour in advance, say) and do
> their log, then go in and do their show. Having a day's log all in one
> file isn't going to work because we can't have (as I understand it)
> changes made by one or more people update in the studio without
> reloading the log file, and merging changes made by other people
> editing the same log at the same time ends up being a destructive
> merge (latest copy takes precedence).

Hi James!

I have not worked with the logs where more than one person is working on  
them at at time. So, I did a test. I found that if two users loaded the  
log into RDLogEdit and then saved the changes, James is correct that the  
last person to save, saves what was in the original log and thus cancels  
their changes.

This is not good that it works this way, that the last person's save  
destroy the other's.

The possible solution that I see is this. We already have the code to auto  
reload the log in RDAirplay on a per log basis. Would it not be possible  
to add the auto-reload to RDLogEdit or something similar so that if  
someone saves the log the other would see the changes made?

Actually, maybe even better would be a message that pops up at the bottom  
in red like the *Log Refreshing* message in RDAirplay *Log changed by  
another user* click reload to see changes.

The other question that this brings to mind is why does RDLogEdit work the  
way it does?  It seems to me that it now loads the entire log from the  
database. When OK is clicked in the *Edit Log* dialog the entire log is  
saved not just the changes made.  Why not make it that the changes are  
saved and auto-updated as soon as they are made?

This would make it possible for several people to be working on a log at  
the same time

> We have to (If I'm understanding
> it correctly) therefore keep each show in it's own log, which presents
> us with the automatically-making-logs problem if we are to not just
> tell presenters to make their own log and manually load it (which is
> one option); ideally we want to be able to run this all through
> automation in terms of log loads, which means having predefined log
> names. Less stuff for presenters to break is better!
> If there's another way to solve that- be it through a software change
> or a change in how we do things as a station - then I'm all ears. I
> appreciate that it's probably not something Fred G and co will want to
> do if it's not how radio usually works, and thus not really deserving
> of developer time.

However, allowing multiple users to edit the same log with RDLogEdit  
should be or at least the ability to in RDAdmin a setting to allow logs to  
be locked while one user is editing it. Other users would be added to a  
cue to wait their turn to edit the log.


Frederick Henderson

> Cheers,
> James Harrison
> On 16/03/2011 19:27, Frederick Henderson wrote:
> Hi James!
> I understand what you want to do but I think Rivendell will do what you
> want but you want the method your way. Sometimes you have to change your
> work method to match the computer program. Other times you choose to
> use a
> different program.
> Not sure why you want a partial days log for each program in the first
> place as you then need to go a combine them to make the days log
> anyways.
> I think that your methodology is complicating the way you want to do  
> this.
> You can create as many clocks as you want in and as many services as you
> want. Even if you have programs that are only scheduled on the first
> week
> of the month and the third week and a different program is scheduled in
> the same slot on the second and fourth weeks you can make a *odd week
> service* and a *even week service*. Hey, you could even create a
> *week_1*,
> *week _*,* week_3*, *week_4*, and  *week_5* services.  What I am getting
> at is even if your schedule changes a lot at some point it repeats.
> Using the command line log generation you should be able to write a
> script
> that creates a log using the correct service.
> However, that all said I do not think that the main developers will be
> interested in investing time in this as the functionality to create logs
> is already there and this method you describe is not how most radio
> stations create logs.
> Just my two cents, but I hope you understand where I am coming from.
> Just
> trying to get you to take a few steps back and take a look at the issue
>  from a different altitude and angle.
> Greetings,
> Frederick Henderson
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