[RDP] [RDD] Importing MP3 but adding metadata from APE tags...

Frederick Henderson frederickjh at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 03:44:28 EST 2011

On Tue, 01 Mar 2011 18:13:11 +0100, Richard Gorbutt <richard at gorbutt.com>  

> Hi all,
> I'm still futzing with the install, but I have over 5,000 tracks as MP3  
> to
> import, and all of them have cue, intro and segue(fade out) timings  
> stored
> as mS (milliseconds) in APE tags attached to the file (All created using
> Station Playlist).
> Has anyone in the past tried to extricate the data and imported to
> Rivendell. I can create something that export the tags to a csv and also
> then update MySQL records if needs be, but trying to avoid re-inventing  
> the
> wheel.
> Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard!

Sorry but I had not even heard  of APE tags before your post to the list.  
I had to go look it up to figure out what you were talking about.


I do not think that RDImport supports the importation of these tags, but  
considering that Monkey's Audio has an SDK it might be possible to  


I am copying the Rivendell programmers list  as well on this so that if  
some one there wants to take this on or discuss it further they can easily.


Frederick Henderson

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