[RDP] Support for ASI6640 (rdhpiinfo patch)

Bartłomiej Krajewski bartlomiej.krajewski at radiorodzina.pl
Tue Jan 11 04:57:38 EST 2011


I was unable to set my ASI6640 to 12-play mode, so I've corrected the
rdhpiinfo application.
Attached is the patch against Rivendell 1.7.2 release.

There are two more HPI_ADAPTER_MODEs defined in asihpi.h that can be
possibly supported by rdhpiinfo but I haven't tested them. My patch
adds only HPI_ADAPTER_MODE_12OSTREAM support.


PS. I'm still working on UTF-8 support.

Bartłomiej Krajewski
Radio Rodzina Wrocław
Dział Techniki

e-mail / gtalk: bartlomiej.krajewski at radiorodzina.pl
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