[RDP] Patch: "no fade" option for segue transition

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Wed Oct 31 16:15:38 EDT 2007

2007/10/31, Fred Gleason <fredg at paravelsystems.com>:
> I'm seeing a lot of anomalies in the Voice Tracker dialog.  With a test
> log
> consisting of two events with a SEGUE transition, the 'No Fade' box
> unchecked
> and no track markers, here's what I'm seeing:
> 1) The righthand-most rubber band handle won't move; however, when
> attempting
> to move it, the meter levels change as if the moving is being registered
> somewhere.  After moving the start-of-fade handle, the righthand-most
> handle
> then suddenly jumps to the correct position.

It's not a bug, it's the new feature :-)
This is what I wrote about when replying to Scotts last mail. The problem is
What kind of fade should we display with the rubber band. My approach here
is: The rubber band should show what rdairplay will playout. If the fade
marker (from logline or cut) comes before the segue marker, the (painted)
fade will start here. If the segue marker comes before the fade marker, the
fade will beginn here. As the rubber band target sets the fade marker, it
can not be moved beyond the segue marker (or better: it can be moved, but
the rubber band does not show it).

We have to alternatives: Show segue fade and fade marker fade with 2
different lines
Or ignore the segue fade (like it is until now). That would mean: You do not
see what you will hear

I asked for that a few times, but I saw that the problem is hard to
describe, I thought I will code one suggestion. Maybe it is easier to
discuss, then.

2) Right-clicking on one of the waveform panes causes red Start/Stop markers
> to appear at the point of the click.

This is already in the code. It was part of the voice tracker patch I did
last year and you commited to cvs in spring. We had a small email discussion
- in December, I think -  about the Set-Start-Point and Set-End-Point
feature in the menu. So I added this as a marker, where the start or end
point would be set.

3) After using the right-click menu to remove the segue fade, there is no
> way
> to restore it (other than by abandoning the entire edit).  The menu item
> should change to 'Add Segue Fade', thus allowing the user to toggle
> between
> the two states.

I thought about it. But I did it that way, because it is the way the  voice
tracker used to work: As soon as you moved a track, it was switched to Segue
Gain 0 - and the only the fader markers do control the volume.
In voice tracker, when you remove the fade (=segue gain 0), you have the
possibility to get the same effect with changing the rubber band. In logedit
or rdairplay, you don't. Thats why I did not add the "add fade" feature

5) After changing the transition to 'No Fade' and then saving, the 'SEGUE'
> color changes to blue to reflect the custom transition (as expected), but
> when loaded back into the tracker, the 'Do Over' button is disabled, thus
> giving no way to restore the transition to its pristine state.  (Upon
> further
> testing, it appears that this is broken for *any* transition parameter
> changes made).

I am not sure, but I think, that feature was never there: The "Do Over"
works not for segue edits, but only for voice tracks. (and if a voice track
is removed, all transition parameters are restored). If we think we need
this, it would be no big deal to implement.

So all-in-all, I'm afraid this is looking like it's not quite ready for
> prime
> time as yet.  :(

As I said, there are a lot of questions how I should work. The problem is:
The user does not know anything about cart and log pointers  and how each of
them influences a segue. So it is very hard to get a discussion about we
should handle them in voice tracker - unless we are coding something and
showing it.


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