[RDP] Re: Patch: "no fade" option for segue transition

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Wed Oct 31 06:06:25 EDT 2007

If the link does not work, try this:

2007/10/31, Stefan Gabriel <stg at st-gabriel.de>:
> Hello,
> here is a patch that implements the "No Fade" option for segue
> transitions.
> You get a "No Fade" checkbox in the rdlibrary/edit cut dialog. And you get
> a "No fade" option in rdairplay/modify and rdlogedit/edit dialog.
> In Voice Tracker there is a "remove segue fade" entry in the rightclick
> menu für the tracks.
> When recording voice tracks it switches to "no fade" automatically.
> For segue editing in Voice Tracker I think I have a solution to represent
> what rdairplay will play quite exactly with the rubber band (both for segue
> fades and other fades).
> Also this patch should improve VT performance with scrolling (loading the
> energy data only once).
> This changes database version, so do only apply this patch if you know
> exactly what you are doing.
> If there is no veto I will commit this to cvs tomorrow.
> Stefan
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