[RDP] Patch: "no fade" option for segue transition

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Wed Oct 31 05:32:57 EDT 2007


here is a patch that implements the "No Fade" option for segue transitions.
You get a "No Fade" checkbox in the rdlibrary/edit cut dialog. And you get a
"No fade" option in rdairplay/modify and rdlogedit/edit dialog.

In Voice Tracker there is a "remove segue fade" entry in the rightclick menu
für the tracks.
When recording voice tracks it switches to "no fade" automatically.

For segue editing in Voice Tracker I think I have a solution to represent
what rdairplay will play quite exactly with the rubber band (both for segue
fades and other fades).

Also this patch should improve VT performance with scrolling (loading the
energy data only once).

This changes database version, so do only apply this patch if you know
exactly what you are doing.

If there is no veto I will commit this to cvs tomorrow.


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