[RDP] A Feature-CUT version?

Alan Peterson apeterson at radioamerica.org
Thu Oct 25 13:06:49 EDT 2007

We all look forward to more and more features being added into Rivendell, to make it the best audio storage/management system out there for any price. I think that rocks.

But I wonder if a feature-*cut* version is also possible; one that can be used as a humble in-store music and announcement system?

NCH Swift Sound makes a Windows-based retail-type program called BMS (www.nch.com.au/bms/index.html) that handles in-store music playback as well as a string of scheduled "attention shoppers" announcements. At US$168, BMS is certainly not going to break the bank anytime soon. But it seems as if a very fundamental form of RD can be wrapped up in a duh-proof GUI simple enough for the average shoe salesman to operate, which might compete as an Open Source alternative to such a program.

BMS runs on a minimum PII-233. Well nuts, we can get Damn Small Linux to run on an abacus! There has to be some shopkeepers out there who'd be interested in a system like this, using that junk computer they keep back in the storeroom.

Just a crazy thought...

Al P.

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