[RDP] Which mixing desk - other HW?

Steve Caddy scaddy at boundarysound.co.uk
Wed Oct 24 03:53:33 EDT 2007

Dan Mills wrote:

> What in the broadcast desk line can you get serviced over there, in the
> UK market I would look to Soniflex, Alice and Soundcraft in no
> particular order for an analogue based station, but there are others.

Err, that should be "Sonifex" (google for their S2 mixer, which is selling like 
hot cakes at the moment). Alice sell the "Air 2000" console which has been a 
true work horse in the UK for a number of years. Soundcraft have a few models 
suitable for broadcast, although their home studio and general purpose mixers 
spring to mind first. I'll also add Clyde Broadcast to the list, the "Eclipse" 
model is their analogue offering - their digital mixer ties you somewhat to 
their software.

There are a number of European manufacturers, and doubtless some American ones 
too (although I've not really looked, since I'm in Britain), but at the end of 
the day, as Dan says, it comes down to budget. You're probably looking at a 
bill of over $10,000 for the units I've mentioned above.

Whatever you do, don't neglect to buy a couple of CD players in case the 
computer fails for some reaon.


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