[RDP] Axia LiveWire Support

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Tue Oct 23 14:39:24 EDT 2007

Howdy Folks:

FYI, I've just committed a slew of code that implements switcher/gpio support 
for Axia Audio's 'LiveWire' IP audio routing system.  Configuring the driver 
is absurdly simple:  all that one need do is enter the IP addresses (and 
possibly passwords) for each LiveWire 'node' on the system -- the driver 
autodetects all other information.  Details can be found in the appropriate 
section in 'docs/SWITCHERS.txt'.  A wealth of technical information regarding 
the LiveWire system itself (including whitepapers, design docs and specific 
products available) can be found at http://www.axiaaudio.com/.

LiveWire breaks a number of the assumptions made when the original RD 
switcher/gpio system was designed, the key one being that all 
input/output/gpio number sequences are 'compact' --i.e. start at the number 
'1' and increase contiguously up to some known maximum value.  Not only can 
LiveWire resources be configured to appear *anywhere* within the number range 
00001 - 32768, but the system deployment guidelines positively *encourage* 
such numbering.  Accordingly, certain system infrastructure and utilities 
(such as RDGpiMon) have undergone some modification so as to be able to cope 
as well.  I've done some basic regression testing and all appears well, but 
I'd appreciate folks giving this a spin with particular regard to the correct 
functioning of existing switcher/gpio devices.


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