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Timothy R. Elwell telwell at pilotproductions.net
Fri Oct 19 21:05:27 EDT 2007

I can't speak for Brooks, but on the exact same hardware, with both Fedora
and Ubuntu I have that issue. It doesn't matter whether it's a binary distro
or compiled from source that I have the same issue. It's issue 227 in
Mantis, though I have tried earlier version than .82 and it seems to do the
same thing. 


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On Friday 19 October 2007 13:58, Brooks Whiteford wrote:
> Update: Only one of my Fedora builds does this. I have two identical
> machines, running the same version of Fedora, built minutes apart. Any
> ideas?

When you say 'built', do you mean the hardware, or the software?  In other 
words:  are using using a binary distro of Rivendell, or building from
separately on each machine?


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