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I have that issue in Ubuntu, as well, so it's not a Fedora issue. I think
it's one of the bug tracks already, too. You've probably already noticed too
that once you place your first marker, you have to place the rest by the
sound when you play back versus the actual cursor position. (ie, when you
playback the sound, the cursor will actually be prior to where you placed
the marker, even though when played the marker position is correct.). That's
been my observation of it for quite some time. 






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Hey everyone,

   RD is working great on Fedora, except for one thing. In RDAirplay, the
editor for setting talk timers, cue times, etc. is not working properly.
When you click on the waveforms the cursor does not line up on where the
mouse was actually clicked. Interestingly, it's closer to being right when
you click toward the left side of the waveform window, but much farther off
if you click more and more toward the right side. Also, the time display in
the editor window doesn't seem to be right as the song ends but the time
keeps going for about 30 seconds. Any ideas? 



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