[RDP] I need help finding an allusive yet persistant bug

Scott Spillers scotts at paravelsystems.com
Wed Oct 3 17:14:53 EDT 2007

I have been trying to reproduce a problem for several weeks that has me
stumped.  Two Rivendell sites have reported a bug where a cart will not
playback after all of the valid cuts within the cart (1 or more) are
overwritten by manually importing new audio.  Sometimes, after importing the
new cuts, the cart will not playback in RDAirPlay (Main Log or SoundPanel).
The cart is not highlighted as having an error condition in the log.  No
dayparting or start/end date attributes have been applied and it is valid
for play every day.  All of the cuts within the cart will playback fine in
the editor.  Here is where it gets interesting - if they go in and rename
the cuts and save the cart, it becomes playable again.  So it seems that
something is happening at the time of the import that is corrupting the
cart.  I had a theory that the cuts were being assigned a playback weight of
0, but that does not explain why they playback properly after the cuts are

At one site running Rivendell 0.9.80, it happens between 1 and 3 times a
week with a cart that they use to playback weather reports.  There are only
2 cuts in the cart and they both get updated manually by the operator
importing new audio into the existing 2 cuts three times a day.  Both cuts
are updated at the same time.

I have held off placing this in Mantis as I have not been able to
consistently reproduce it.  But it is happening frequently enough to where
it is becoming quite problematic.  Has anyone else seen this?  Any ideas?

Scott Spillers
scotts at paravelsystems.com 

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