[RDP] several patches for review to consider adding to Rivendell

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Sat Nov 10 13:30:06 EST 2007


I have teste some of the patches.

Federico Grau schrieb:
> 2) This patch allows adding carts within rdlogedit by allowing the user to
> enter the Cart Title (or Cut Description).  If they are not found or are not
> unique a popup error dialog is displayed.  Our users tend to know exactly the
> name of the cart they want to add to a log and this speeds up their
> productivity.
> http://techweb.rfa.org/grauf/#rdlogedit_add_cart_title
This works only if the title matches exactly. Why don't you allow 
substing matching - as long as there is exact one match?
> 3) These are some "rough" total run time patches for rdairplay and rdlogedit.
> They still have debug code and do not yet handle all the "edge cases" with the
> various transition types.  But for simple "play" logs, our broadcasters found
> these time length statistics very useful when generating new logs (they target
> working with logs of a particular length).
> http://techweb.rfa.org/grauf/#rdairplay_trt
> http://techweb.rfa.org/grauf/#rdlogedit_trt
In rdlogedit: The run time is not updated when a cart is deleted.
It seems that segues are ignored. But there is already a blockLength() 
method in RDLogEvent that cares about Segues. Why don't you use this? 
You just have to add an option to use STOP transitions as block borders.


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