[RDP] [Rivendell] several patches for review to consider adding toRivendell

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Fri Nov 9 14:30:21 EST 2007

On Thursday 08 November 2007 18:03, Federico Grau wrote:
> 1) This is a patch to show share the "Outcue" label area to also show the
> "Cut Description".   This feature had been requested on the mailing list in
> the past, and has also been requested by our users.

Looks nice to me.

> 2) This patch allows adding carts within rdlogedit by allowing the user to
> enter the Cart Title (or Cut Description).  If they are not found or are
> not unique a popup error dialog is displayed.  

Why not display a list of all the matches, with the ability to pick the one 
you want in the event of a non-unique name?

> 3) These are some "rough" total run time patches for rdairplay and
> rdlogedit. They still have debug code and do not yet handle all the "edge
> cases" with the various transition types.  But for simple "play" logs, our
> broadcasters found these time length statistics very useful when generating
> new logs (they target working with logs of a particular length).

I like the concept.  The only comment I have is a purely aesthetic one:  the 
placement of the time field in RDAirPlay (jammed between the 'Next Stop' and 
Countdown fields) is visually ugly.  We need to find a more graceful way to 
display this.  Likewise the radio buttons in RDLogEdit's Edit Log dialog -- 
they have a really 'scrunched' feel to them.  Nothing a little 'UI polish' 
and some elbow grease couldn't fix...  :)

> 4) This is a simple patch to select the first item in rdlogedit when
> opening a log.

We can't just blindly select the first cut, as that can hide any underlying 
error state of the cut.  Are we checking the cut error state before doing 


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