[RDP] [Rivendell] several patches for review to consider adding toRivendell

Federico Grau grauf at rfa.org
Thu Nov 8 18:03:05 EST 2007

Hello Rivendell folk,

We have several patches to put up for review to be considered to be added to
Rivendell.  Most links below have screenshots showing the look before and

1) This is a patch to show share the "Outcue" label area to also show the "Cut
Description".   This feature had been requested on the mailing list in the
past, and has also been requested by our users.


2) This patch allows adding carts within rdlogedit by allowing the user to
enter the Cart Title (or Cut Description).  If they are not found or are not
unique a popup error dialog is displayed.  Our users tend to know exactly the
name of the cart they want to add to a log and this speeds up their


3) These are some "rough" total run time patches for rdairplay and rdlogedit.
They still have debug code and do not yet handle all the "edge cases" with the
various transition types.  But for simple "play" logs, our broadcasters found
these time length statistics very useful when generating new logs (they target
working with logs of a particular length).



4) This is a simple patch to select the first item in rdlogedit when opening a


5) This is the current status of our previously announced Audacity to
Rivendell integration



I welcome discussion and constructive criticism to improve.  Hopefully at
least some of these patches can make it into Rivendell.


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