[RDP] Updated Patch: Segue without fade option

Stefan Gabriel stg at st-gabriel.de
Mon Nov 5 03:20:33 EST 2007

Hello Scott, Fred and others

I have an updated Version of the patch ready. I think I am very near to 
what you suggested, Scott:

- The rubberband  shows both: Fades and Segue fades.
- The cuts fade markers are displayed in voice tracker.
- The cuts fade markers cannot be overwritten in voice tracker
- Do Over works for suegue changes
- I still have a "No Fade" option and not a "Fade" option, but I have 
changed layout

Here you can find a patched tar ball (current cvs) or the patch:

To apply the patch goto the rivendell dir and say:
ptach -p0 </path/to/nofade.diff

Please tell me what you are thinking about it.


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