[RDD] Big Book of Rivendell Cookbook?

Frank Christel fjchristel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 17:48:06 EST 2020

Drew, you asked “I am not aware of a book like you are looking for. Can you give a little more details as to what sort of things you would want it to cover?”

It’s always my hope when embarking on new explorations (such as a journey to Rivendell) that someone has written a travel guide. Something that doesn’t so much explain the nuts and bolts of how things work, but instead tells inspiring stories about the journey and what to see and do. Testimonies about overcoming obstacles. How whipping up raw ingredients yielded a yummy concoction. 

Chapter titles for a “Big Book of Rivendell Cookbook” might include:

— Oh no, not again!: Cheerleading the adoption of (yet) another automation system
— Who’s on first?: Where files live, sync, and play
— Doing the SaMBa: Integration with NPR satellite receivers
— All roads lead to Rivendell: VNC access from inside and outside the studios
— Break down this wall!: Mass file importation strategies
— Rosie the Robot: Clever uses of macro carts in the real world
— Flowing down the river: Understanding Rivendell’s system of carts, events, clocks, grid, and logs
— We just have time for one more: Automating music hours to meet time posts
— Glasnost, comrade: Network coexistence with Windows machines
— Doing what comes naturally: The easy way to integrate Natural Log and Natural Music
— In five, four, three: Breaking format for local emergencies and congressional debates
— Play it again, Sam: Playing MP2 files without using ASI cards
— The path less travelled: Linux isn’t as scary as it looks
— You’ll pry my dead, cold hand: Switching staff from Adobe Audition to a Linux-based audio editor
— Front porch whittlin’:What to do with free time saved by not babysitting cranky automation systems

Purely by coincidence, those chapters mirror questions and objections staff have raised in considering our adoption of Rivendell.


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