[RDD] Audio issues

Dave Englefield dave at daveenglefield.co.uk
Wed May 24 08:32:05 EDT 2017



I'm very new to working with Ubuntu and Rivendell. But we recently managed
to get everything set up using the following guide:




All was working fine until yesterday, when I booted the machine up and can
no longer hear any audio out from the machine. Rivendell also doesn't allow
us to play audio. (Play buttons are disabled)


Having done some googling most people are suggesting we need to go through
PulseAudio to fix, but if I understand correctly the guide we followed
bypassed PulseAudio and is instead using Jack?


In AlsaMixer we can see the soundcard, and auto mute is set to false. We
also can see that the Headphone fader is all the way to the bottom, but
everything else is up. 


Any assistance would be fantastic.






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