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Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
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On May 19, 2017, at 14:34, Todd Baker <bakert at rfa.org> wrote:

> The latest version of RDacity has fixes for the User/Password problem.  It now will
> use the user password correctly, and will even support Windows Active Directory if
> your Rivendell System has the PAM module running.
> The Rivendell WEB API has a new feature that uses the database to store "tickets" for valid users.
> Once that ticket is created (via User/Password Login) then we access the Web Methods using the
> ticket instead of User/Password for Export/Import etc..
> Long story short, Rivendell handles the Authentication for you. If you dont have a valid ticket
> then a Login screen prompts you for your sign on criteria. There is an administration screen (in RDADMIN) that
> handles the tickets and how long the live before expiration (much like internet cookies). If a ticket expires then
> the system will require a the user to Login again.

Thanks Todd!

Important caveat: these features actually require Rivendell v2.16.0 (not yet released) or later in order to work fully.


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