[RDD] Considering 2 very different hardware platforms for new rdAirPlay machines....

Bill Putney billp at wwpc.com
Fri May 19 14:38:38 EDT 2017


Can we assume you are using LiveWire for audio interfaces?

I'm building a mobile studio Rivendell standalone using a Qutom fanless 
with a 2.0 GHz quad-core Intel Celeron processor, 8GB of memory, 16GB of 
SSD and 1 - 10/100/1G Ethernet. They consume 10W at 12VDC and they come 
with a US power supply. I'm buying them right from Qotom in China. The 
price was $175 plus shipping from China ($26 + $9 transfer fee). You can 
get lots of different add-ons but this configuration should be plenty 
for a client. Since there are no moving parts it should last until the 
capacitors dry out.

I think the NUCs of an equivalent horsepower are a little more money but 
they should work as clients.

For my mobile studio I'm using a USB3 3TB disk drive to store the audio. 
I have an Asus touch screen to attach to it. Should be a fun box. For 
the mobile studio I can't use LiveWire so I'm going with a Pevey USB-P 
to interface to the mobile studio's analog board.

The Optiplex computers are really enterprise class. You could just 
replace the disks with SSD's and replace the fans. There's plenty of 
horsepower in the Optiplexs. People are running Rivendell on Raspberry Pi's.

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On 5/19/17 10:50 AM, Kirk Harnack wrote:
> Dear braintrust,
> Please direct me elsewhere if this has been discussed and answered 
> already; I'm new to this list.
> I'm currently running 5 radio stations, using Rivendell in a 
> server/client setup.  The client machines (running rdAirPlay) are some 
> refurbished Dell Optiplex PCs.  They're now almost 3 years older than 
> when we put them online in this role.  No serious issues yet, but I 
> feel they're getting old and they're perhaps a bit underpowered.
> I'm considering going in one of two directions.
> 1. Using refurbished Dell R610 server-grade hardware. Nice-looking 
> ones are about $200 on ebay, with all the rack-mount hardware.  They 
> sport dual power supplies.  They come with one hard drive of 146 GB. I 
> could add a 2nd and RAID them.  They're very noisy, but they'll go in 
> a rack room. Hard to imagine the noise of 5 of them, however.
> 2. Go with an Intel NUC-style platform.  No fans.  Likely enough 
> horsepower. Cost more (as they're new, not refurb); indeed, the ones I 
> seem to need are about $500 each. I would need to get NUCs that have 2 
> NICs, as we use an Axia network in addition to our Rivendell network - 
> and we keep them separate.  Perhaps someone could point me to a 
> known-good model that costs closer to $200 or $300?
> I like the robustness of the Dell R610's, they're easy availability, 
> and the likelihood of parts availability for some time.  I do not like 
> the size and noise.
> I like the NUC-style machines for their low power consumption, 
> quietness, and that they'd be new.
> As the role for these is simply to run rdAirPlay, grabbing files over 
> the network from the rdServer, seems the hard drive doesn't need to be 
> large.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks!
> Kirk
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