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On May 19, 2017, at 11:09, Cowboy <curt at cwf1.com> wrote:

> Ergo, you ssh in. Your password is accepted. ssh writes to the disk who is logged in, etc.
> The drive says "OK, let me write it to the platters. Please wait a sec.."
> So the system waits for the confirmation. And waits. And waits...
> The other drive says "I'm good." and the bus says "Hold on, the other disk has asked us to wait..."
> It's a little more complex than that, but you get the idea.

I doubt that it’s a drive issue (at least, this *particular* drive issue).  If it’s a RAID-1 setup, then eventually the kernel will mark that drive “failed” and take it out of the array. The response deadline is pretty short; I’ve even seen perfectly good drives in the middle of a TCAL process get kicked out of an array because it didn't respond quickly enough to a kernel command.

To check the status of the array, do:

	cat /proc/mdstat


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