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Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Wed May 17 12:55:47 EDT 2017

On May 16, 2017, at 15:10, Rick Thomas <rick at kptz.org> wrote:

> We’ve been holding off installing the Rivendell 2.15.3-1 update, hoping to see a fix for this bug.
> But with all the activity over the NSA zero-day exploits released a few months ago, it’s becoming imperative that we get the security updates from CentOS that this is blocking.
> Please bump up the priority on this one…

While this issue was actually fixed in the Git ‘stable’ branch on 4/17/2017, it has not yet been released due to a number of concurrent changes going on in the code base (mostly concerning Web API operation).  Some of these other changes have the potential to significantly disrupt normal operation of Rivendell, hence we have elected to test these changes throughly before putting them into a general release.  This has had the unfortunate side-effect of delaying the release of the log-header-save bug fix as well, for which we apologize.

Assuming that no surprises are found in the remaining course of testing, I expect the next regular release of Rivendell (v2.16.0), containing the Bug Fix, to be available in approximately ten days.


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