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Richard Gorbutt richard at gorbutt.com
Wed May 17 09:59:57 EDT 2017

Broadcaster Engineers have for years dined on stories of various OS patches
breaking systems and will continue to do so. Even very high level ultra
high availability broadcasters like the ones I work for etc. However we are
very risk averse so no upgrades ever get applied in a production
environment without a full testing in a reference test bed.

Two things strike me here.

a) As mentioned, why is the cash-register (playout) on a public facing
b) As Rivendell is "free", it's the cost of new hardware so a ref system
can be built. It can even be the back up system/production 2 etc.
c) Major updates, always worth a snapshot/image before doing such an
update, that way even if it goes south boxes can be restored. (Saved my ass
a couple of times!)
d) Do you need to update? I know plenty of systems that are theoretically
out of date but they work, they are isolated network wise, sometimes
electrically and are stable for the needs of the operation.

Many way to mitigate potential disasters. Always protect the cash-flow (and
have fun!)

Cheers, Richard

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 9:33 AM, Cowboy <curt at cwf1.com> wrote:

> On Wednesday 17 May 2017 08:25:38 am Rob Landry wrote:
> > Myself, I prefer
> > the second approach, not fixing what isn't broken.
>  Which I've been advocating for many, many years.
>  Sometimes Rob and I disagree.
>  Through his entire post, this is not one of 'em !
>  Some of you know that I wrote Spam-O-Matic to be an artificially
>  intelligent self-training maintenance free anti-spam machine back
>  in 2004.
>  The prototype machine has been running since then, with two disk
>  replacements and one motherboard replacement since then, total
>  down-time about ten minutes on Slackware 9.1.
>  Eventually, we are drug kicking and screaming into an update.
>  Spam-O was recently "up"graded to a dual-core atom 64 bit processor
>  in an ImageStream TS-1000 chassis largely just because.
>  As a result I was forced to upgrade to a 2.6.27 kernel, because the
>  2.4.x kernel simply can't do SATA drives.
>  It's still running the same Slackware 9.1 with only the kernel and modules
>  updated to accommodate the hardware.
>  Why ?
>  If it isn't broken...
>  I fully expect this arrangement to last the rest of my lifetime with no
>  further updates.
>  Spam-O does what it does very, very well. There will be no "features"
>  added. No functionality expansion of any kind. There will be no need.
>  Rivendell is a little different. Features are added. Functionality is
> expanded,
>  to meet needs. Therefore some updates are necessary.
>  Being a rather large beta site, we get them before you do.
>  Sometimes, that is NOT a good thing ! ( well, it's a good thing FOR YOU !
> )
>  And yes, there have been updates to CentOS that have rather badly
>  broken some aspects of Rivendell on occasion.
>  We strive that what is released to you, is exactly what it purports to be.
>  Sometimes we do miss something.
>  Known bug squashing is on the list, but that doesn't mean it'll happen
> today !
>  Just because Red Hat has updated the OS doesn't mean we're gonna rush
> right
>  out and apply it today. In fact, we rather deliberately don't.
>  Sometimes, things break.
>  When it works for me, you'll get it.
>  Meantime, if it were my revenue stream, I'd be doing as I do, as Rob is
> advocating.
>  Test it thoroughly on a redundant machine, or leave well enough alone.
>  ( preferably, both )
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> steer clear of me at parties.  Often, as a sign of their great respect,
> they don't even invite me."
>                 -- Dave Barry
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