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Matthew Chambers mchambers at showmeham.info
Tue May 9 14:31:56 EDT 2017

Correct, I just checked and the output of Stereotool sounds good. So it
appears to be butt that's hurting.

Matthew Chambers, CBT, NR0Q
       Macon County Office Of Emergency Management

On May 9, 2017 1:23 PM, "drew Roberts" <zotzbro at gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Matthew,

let me see if I have this straight...

On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 1:27 PM, Matthew Chambers <mchambers at showmeham.info>

> Rivendell files and system samplerate are 48kHz, but the audio is playing
> out fine through the mixer, my bad and unneeded conversion is somewhere in
> Jack, Stereotool or BUTT on the 2nd computer. I can listen all day to the
> output of the mixer, the stream not so much right now.  I've dug out a
> Windows pc and with an identical setup (except Stereotool is running less
> processing), no problems, I'd like to use my extra Linux machine since it
> has more umph.
> Matthew Chambers, CBT, NR0Q
>        Macon County Office Of Emergency Management
> On May 9, 2017 12:22 PM, "Rob Landry" <41001140 at interpring.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, 9 May 2017, Matthew Chambers wrote:
>> I'm still fighting my shoutcast stream problems. I've migrated the
>>> Rivendell
>>> stuff on to a 2nd computer, run its output through a little mixer, took
>>> the
>>> output of the mixer and fed it into the line in on my stream computer
>>> running Jack at 44.1 kHz, Stereotool and butt at 64kbps aacplus to
>>> shoutcast.com. When I playback my stream on anything, the audio is about
>>> 9-10% high in pitch and vlc reports that the stream samplerate is 48 kHz.
You have 2 computers. One running Rivendell and another dong the

The Rivendell is running 48 on its sound card and the Riv wav files are 48.
This feeds into a little mixer.

If you listen to the output of the little mixer it sounds fine.

Is this little mixer analog?

The mixer outputs then feeds into a second machine which does the shouting
for you using a combo of jack running at 44.1, Stereotool, and butt. When
you listen to the stream that results from this, you have the problems

Does this second "shouting" computer have a sound card? If so, what happens
if you send the output of Stereotool to the sound card's outputs? Does it
sound right or does it sound wrong in the same way the stream does?

all the best,


>> A file recorded at 44.1 KHz but played back by something that thinks it
>> is 48 KHz will sound more or less as you describe.
>> The surest way to solve your problem would be to use sox (or some such)
>> to resample all your audio files to 48 KHz, and set the sample rate in
>> Rivendell to 48 Khz.
>> Unless, somehow, the sample rate in Rivendell already is 48 KHz, but your
>> files were all recorded at 44.1 KHz.
>> Rob
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