[RDD] Stream samplerate

Matthew Chambers mchambers at showmeham.info
Tue May 9 03:24:23 EDT 2017

I'm still fighting my shoutcast stream problems. I've migrated the
Rivendell stuff on to a 2nd computer, run its output through a little
mixer, took the output of the mixer and fed it into the line in on my
stream computer running Jack at 44.1 kHz, Stereotool and butt at 64kbps
aacplus to shoutcast.com. When I playback my stream on anything, the audio
is about 9-10% high in pitch and vlc reports that the stream samplerate is
48 kHz. I've reported this to the butt developer but he hasn't responded to
any emails. I'd like to find something that works, I've tried darkice,
liquidsoap, and goalscoder, none will connect to shoutcast, they report an
invalid password error.

Matthew Chambers, CBT, NR0Q
       Macon County Office Of Emergency Management
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