[RDD] SQL problem upgrading an installation

John Edstrom johnedstrom at firebare.org
Mon May 8 15:29:23 EDT 2017

On Mon, 2017-05-08 at 13:58 -0400, Rob Landry wrote:
> On Mon, 8 May 2017, John Edstrom wrote:
> > Yeah, but there's also a third permission scheme that I hadn't been
> > properly aware of.  There's also the internal user/group SQL permission
> > scheme in the USER_NAME & USER_PERMS tables.
> If I uderstand you correctly, you're talking about *Rivendell* users, 
> defined in the 'Rivendell' database, and not MySQL users (defined in the 
> 'mysql' database) or Linux users (defined in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow).


> > I was using the imported SQ data on a new machine who's users didn't
> > conform exactly to the old machine's Linux users.
> One problem I have encountered is porting a MySQL database from an old 
> version of MySQL to a newer one with a different password length. The 
> MySQL users' passwords all become invalid and have to be re-entered. But I 
> don't think I've ever run into this problem in a Rivendell context.
> > For example, linux user JohnDoe on the original machine  may have
> > rivendell permission to run rivendell tools, but he may be  constrained
> > to only manipulate carts of type TALK, NEWS-L and ARTS-N, and not be
> > allowed to see/edit carts of type MACROS, or VOICETRACK, etc.,
> > according to the data in the USER_PERMS table.
> Here I'm afraid you've lost me. *Linux* user JohnDoe? I've never seen a 
> Rivendell system with more than one non-root, non-system Linux user.

Well, we won a non-profit community license back in the 2006
competition.  None of us has any actual radio experience.  Our
understanding of how things ought to work is sometimes incongruent with
the design goals of the tools we use.  It seemed to us at the time that
it might not be a good idea to let a volunteer who only does NEWS-N and
MUSIC get their hands on more twitchy things like MACROS carts.


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