[RDD] TIME_TYPE meaning and acceptable values

drew Roberts zotzbro at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 21:12:09 EDT 2017

Well, we had a lightning strike and lost a lot of gear.

Trying to build a temporary replacement.

We use one of the scripts that has been kicking around on the list for
years to load the log to an event near the time of day when the machine is

I remember finding an issue with the script a year or more ago and working
out a fix that was good enough for us.

I have a number of machines running this way. I can't seem to find the
machine I made the fix on. (Or possibly I cant reach it.)

Can anyone tell me what the TIME_TYPE field in the log tables is for? And
what are values that we can expect to find in that field and what are those
values supposed to mean?

I am running two tests currently:

One has the line:

let SQLRESULT=$(mysql --skip-column-names -u "$user" -p"$pass" "$db" -e

The other has the line:

let SQLRESULT=$(mysql --skip-column-names -u "$user" -p"$pass" "$db" -e
"select COUNT from $LOG_NAME WHERE START_TIME >= $ms LIMIT 1";)-1

The one that seems to increment as the log moves on to another song is the
latter where I have removed the TIME_TYPE part of the query.

I am looking for some education on this again. My head is hurting from
trying to get everything back together as we try to get things back to

all the best,


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