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Mon Jun 26 18:20:34 EDT 2017

Quick question on the GPI with the Raspi ...  If you run the RDGpiMon utility, does the logic correctly show the state of the input with and without the contact closer from the Burk LX-1 ?


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Hi all,

I am trying to set up macro carts to work with an Burk LX-1 switcher for GPI on a raspberry pi. The function I want is play a cart on the panel when the button on the switcher is activated. I am using physical pin 16 on the pi board layout with a gpio of 23. The gpio is kernel gpio in the drop-down list. The macro I set up is this

GE 0 23 1!

GI 0 23 1 050002!

The 050002 macro cart contains the PP rml command that plays that particular audio cart on the panel. 

So far I am getting nothing. Do I have the right rml commands set up?


Seth Stevenson


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