[RDD] Log generation issues.

James Greenlee james at madsonics.com
Wed Jun 21 15:40:02 EDT 2017

I'll keep that in mind. I had originally set the cron job for log creation at 11:05pm, but had a request to push it out a little later to help get some programming updates in. For the past few days it ran fine, but for some reason it failed last night. The only issues were with the updated clocks (two of them) where this one new event was added. 

Since our programming is primarily off satellite, we don't have much going on in the logs. Some macro carts to control the Broadcast Tools switcher, and some events/carts to fire off some local spots and ID's. It takes Rivendell about 5 -10 seconds to make a log for the next day. Not sure what happened. 

James Greenlee 
WZXI Lancaster, KY 

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I had an issue with an older version of Rivendell that decided it wouldn't run rdlogmanager without an X session and hence I was getting emtpy logs. This doesn't sound like your issue though. 

You can test it by running a cron job to generate the log when you're not​ logged in. 

The only other thing I would suggest is running a log generation with 5 minutes to spare might be a little too late. Generally when new Riv will generate a log in under 2 minutes however as the stack table and a few others grow, this time will increase. 

There was some work into trimming the tables to alleviate this but I don't know if that was completed. 

Hope that gives you somewhere to start. 



On 21 Jun 2017 18:26, "James Greenlee" < james at madsonics.com > wrote: 

I've got a script on a Rivendell host that's generating logs every night at 11:55pm. 

Last night we updated a clock to insert a new feature. This work was completed before 11:30pm. Unfortunately when the log creation occurred at 11:55pm, the clocks were incorrectly generated. None of the original events were included in the clock, and the new events were incomplete (missing a switch macro before playing a cart off of Rivendell). When we caught the missing events this morning, we regenerated the logs for today and they generated with all of the correct events (the old events as well as the new feature that was added). We loaded and ran just fine. 

Can anyone think about why the log failed to generate correctly last night? I don't really see any reason why it would fail, and it generated fine when I ran the generation myself. 


James Greenlee 
WZXI Lancaster, KY 
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