[RDD] Audio Science Mixer & RdLibrary Multiple Cart Selection

Stan Fotinos sfotinos at rtrfm.com.au
Tue Jun 20 22:19:07 EDT 2017

Hi Rich

1. There is a until in Rdamin that controls Audio Science cards, this 
might do what you need...

2. Usually using shift and the left mouse button you can select multiple 
carts in Rdlibrary.



On 21/06/2017 3:07 am, Rich Stivers wrote:
> I am using Rivendell v2.16.0 with Centos 6.
> o Is there a mixer utility for the Audio Science Card? I need to 
> increase the output level of Analog Output #1. I have the ASI6620.
> o I built a Rivendell workstation for home use, to experiment with 
> macros and scheduling. I am not able to select multiple carts in
> RdLibrary. Did I forget a setting in RdAdmin?
> All comments welcome. Thanks,
> Rich Stivers
> KKUP-FM Cupertino/San Jose CA
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