[RDD] 2.16.0 upgrade : RDAirplay segfault

Hoggins! fuckspam at wheres5.com
Fri Jun 16 04:41:07 EDT 2017

Hello there,

I'm a bit worried, as I just upgraded part of our system onto 2.16.0,
and there is a machine on which I have RDAirplay segfault.
When trying to load a log, or adding a cart, I get a segfault.

GDB shows :

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    RDEscapeString (str=...) at rdescape_string.cpp:81
    81        for(unsigned i=0;i<str.length();i++) {

Now my DB is upgraded, I still have the live machine running with a
2.15.3 RDAirplay, but it won't last.

Any idea what's happening ?

    Thanks !


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