[RDD] schedule auto announce selected upcoming carts

drew Roberts zotzbro at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 19:38:36 EDT 2017


I brought up an old Rivendell box this past weekend to use for some OpenOb
remote Board Op experiments.

This machine had a few old experiments on it that I don't recall if I have
spoken about on this list before. I checked my git repo and it/they are not
in there. (At least I did not see them.)

I am posting here on list now and will add to the repo after I get this new
machine set up for git.

Idea / hack 1:

This is a way to have rdlogmanager generate logs that have certain songs
announced in advance. There are a number of things that need to be done to
get this system to work.

First the simple script:


#play the intro cart for the desired cart.

set -- $(</tmp/nextcart.txt)

SUBSTRING=`echo $1| cut -c2-6`

#/usr/bin/rmlsend LB\ "Intro for cart $ICART"!
/usr/bin/rmlsend PS\ 1!
/usr/bin/rmlsend LB\ "Intro for cartzzz $1"!
/usr/bin/rmlsend PX\ 1\ $ICART!
/usr/bin/rmlsend PN\ 1!


============ saynext ends above ===========

The 6 digit cart number to be announced is in /tmp/nextcart.txt
The script basically replaces the leading digit of the cart with the digit

This means that prep for this to work requires matching announcement carts
to be recorded for the songs you want announced.

So, if the cart is: 010331
The announcement cart must be 810331

Now we need some macro carts.

I have created a special macro group for these carts:


I see 3 macros in the group but I think I ended up only using 2 of them.

Cart        Title
050002   Say Next Song
050004   Sleep 1

050002 has 2 lines:
001 RN /home/rduser/saynext.sh!
002 SP 5!

050004 has 1 line:
001 SP 1000!

We need an event to schedule the songs we want to intro.
I called my event SNS which stands for Say Next Song.
It has 2 Pre-Import carts:

It selects from MUSIC with a must have code of HI.

HI is a scheduler code I created in rdadmin with the following description:
Has Intro Cart

In rdlogmanager we have to create a clock that has the SNS event scheduled
in it. Etc.

Now, in rdadmin we need to go to manage hosts->rdairplay->configure now &
next and set up a loadable module.


The key info from /etc/rivendell/rlm/rlm_filewrite_next.conf

This is what puts the next cart's number in the file:

which is what the saynext.sh uses to get the whole system running.

I think that may be the guts of the system. If anyone is interesting in
playing with this, I will be happy to help clarify anything that is not

have fun,


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