[RDD] Question About the Schema Upgrade

Chuck dj.chuck.w at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 8 14:06:21 EDT 2017

  I am about to begin upgrading us from Alban's 2.10.3 to a new computer
with the 2.16.0 appliance using the script install.

  My query has to do with the schema update.  How EXACTLY do I
accomplish this safely?  Is it automatic when I restore the database to
the new installation and move the /var/snd drive over to the new
computer?  Does it make a difference what order I do this in? (e.g.
connect /var/snd first, then restore the database? or the other way

  Would just like to know in order to keep from getting into trouble if
it makes a difference.


--Chuck W.

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