[RDD] Can I have two rivendell output clients in jack ?

Mircea Paun mircea.paun at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 01:58:55 EDT 2017

Thanks Fred !
Thanks Ermina!

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> On 7 Jun 2017, at 01:46, ermina at studioplume.com wrote:
> Hi,
> i have rivendell running in xen vms.
> A third machine has the actual soundcard and runs jack.
> The rivendell hosts running in the vms have that third machine defined as "core audio engine" in rdadmin/manage hosts/system services.
> Then assign card/ports for each service/host accordingly.
> .e
>> On 2017-06-06 20:57, Mircea Paun wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I can not figure out how to get it.
>> How can I have two rivendell audio clients in jack audio ?
>> I mean rivendell_1 and rivendell_2 ?
>> I use rivendell on vm (xen host) with 2 virtual loopback alsa.
>> Thanks!
>> mIRCea
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