[RDD] Remote "Board Op" from within RDAirPlay

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Tue Jun 6 12:48:42 EDT 2017

On Sat, 3 Jun 2017, drew Roberts wrote:

> We are doing vnc over an ssh tunnel  for years. We are testing OpenOB over a
> vpn. The OpenOB in the studio and the rdairplay machine in the studio may
> not be on the same network when all is said and done.

Be aware that SSH tunnels do not pass UDP (since SSH is a TCP protocol). 
If you want to it to pass RML commands, they'll need to be encapsulated in 
TCP packets.

I ran into this problem at a Boston-area station that needed to receive 
RML commands from a Rivendell system at a co-owned Cape Cod station.

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