[RDD] Update to Rivendell 2.16 Aman Server Monitor stops working

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Mon Jun 5 18:09:01 EDT 2017

On Jun 5, 2017, at 17:24, Larry <larry at radiobygrace.com> wrote:

> Here is the error message:
> Jun  4 03:50:05 rd01 amand: cannot select from mysql at [Table './Rivendell/AMAN_SYSTEMA_PINGS' is marked as crashed and should be repaired QMYSQL: Unable to execute query]

Connect to the DB with mysql(1) and then do a table repair, something like:

	use Rivendell;
	repair table AMAN_SYSTEMA_PINGS;

You can find the full syntax for your version of MySQL by googling ‘mysql repair table’.

BTW — it’s quite unlikely that the update to v2.16.0 itself was the direct cause of this, but rather some sort of operational ‘incident’, perhaps occurring during that process.  The most common causes of crashed tables are:

1) Hard server shutdown —e.g. yanking out the server’s power cord without a proper shutdown

2) Running out of disc space

3) Failing server hardware


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