[RDD] Remote "Board Op" from within RDAirPlay

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Mon Jun 5 12:15:31 EDT 2017

On Jun 4, 2017, at 23:43, Lorne Tyndale <ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com> wrote:

> So am I correct in understanding - if you use the option to have a
> workstation use caed on another host, will the instance of caed that is
> actually playing the audio out to the sound card use the /var/snd that
> it sees on its local machine, or will the "remote" rdairplay (running on
> the thin client or similar) still be accessing the audio files and
> sending them back to the centralized caed?

Each caed(8) instance uses the ‘/var/snd’ data that is available on its own local system.  Hence, the remote system will not need to mount /var/snd in order to play it.

There are a few additional caveats to be aware of:

1) For best results, you may also want to point the ‘HTTP Xport’ control to use a studio-based system as well.  RDAirPlay will work correctly without this, but certain other modules —e.g. RDLibrary — use the RDXport service to do things like generate waveform displays. 

2) The remote system will need access to TCP ports 80, 5005 and 6006 on the Rivendell systems.

3) The system running caed(8) will need to be able to send UDP packets back to the remote system to ports 30000 - 30100.


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