[RDD] Cart play-by-order, doesn't?

Mike Carroll druidlabs at gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 15:06:00 EDT 2017

Hi, listers.  We have a 4-hour program, played weeknights. It's divided
into 1-hour segments, with a cart for each hour. Each week we add five new
cuts to each cart for the coming week. We don't remove old cuts, at least
for now. The "Schedule Cuts" option for all carts is set to "By Specified

This past week the newly-added cuts did not play - but only in 3 of the 4
-- In cart #1, the highest numbered cuts play correctly (numbers 21 through
-- In the other three carts, cuts 21-25 didn't play. Instead, cuts 2
through 6 played (why 2??).

For the carts that didn't play correctly:
-- The ORIGIN field for all the 21-25 cuts show they were imported on 5/28
-- The LAST PLAYED field shows the 2-6 cuts were played 5/29-6/2
(Monday-Friday). For the 21-25 cuts it's "Never".
-- The # OF PLAYS field shows 0 for the 21-25 cuts, 2 for the 2-6 cuts that
were played, and 1 for all other cuts.

None of the cuts has any date/time restrictions on them. None of them are
marked evergreen.

The log for the playout machine don't show any issues with trying to play
the cuts, just that the wrong ones were played. The log for the MySQL
server doesn't show any errors.

Why didn't the expected cuts play? We're fortunate that each hour of the
program is mostly standalone, so it's unlikely our listeners noticed, but
I'd like to know if there's something I missed in setting this up (or
understanding how it works) before we use this type of scheduling for other
multi-cart programs. Thanks for any help.

Mike Carroll
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