[RDD] Rivendell and Jack

drew Roberts zotzbro at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 22:44:33 EDT 2017

I will test further tomorrow but I need help at the remote site on reboots
as the particular machine needs a "Sea Moss" ~;-) battery replaced and
until then needs help rebooting.

When running jack with Rivendell and letting Riv start jack, Should the
card that Rv will start in order to run jack on be made into an active
sound device using rdalsaconfig?

Riv is starting jack on this machine like this:

jackd -R -T -dalsa -dhw:CODEC -n3

This is the line configures in rdadmin.

As you can see, I am referring to the card by name and not by number.

When rdalsaconfig stores ward info, is it storing which cards are active
and not by number or name? I think it may be number and I think I may be
being bitten when linux is changing the card order on reboot.

If we can do all of this by name, I think I will be good, if by number, I
will have to do some further config to force the order to be consistent.

all the best,


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