[RDD] Help with Now and next and Mysql Backup

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quick notes for Now & Next:.

Make sure all the GROUPS you want to include in Now & Next have 
"Transmit Now & Next' enabled.

We have a streaming server at using Darkice and Icecast on 
port 8000

The data is sent using rlm_icecast2.conf which has been copied from the 
help files to /home/rd/rlm_icecast2.conf

Modified to suit, and the "RDAdmin>Manage Hosts>[select 
host]>RDAirplay>Edit Now & Next Data" set to use /home/rd/rlm_icecast2.conf


; Section Header

; User Name
Username=admin        <---------- from icecast

; Password
Password=letmein        <---------- from icecast

; Host Name
Hostname=        <---------- address of server

; Host Port

; Mountpoint

; Format String.  The metadata to be sent each time RDAirPlay changes

; Log Selection

You need to set it up and restart



On 25/02/17 06:08, Ivan James wrote:
> 1. Now and next Issue RV2.5.5 I can't seem to set up now and next. I 
> and trying to get now and next to send data out I have configure it 
> according to data that I found In wiki and in Threads and its not 
> working. to this project well ill be feeding Stream to internet 
> encoder and also a RDBS Encoder.
> Does someone have a step by step guide on configuration guide.
> 2. We also recently develop another issue pertaining to making backups 
> on RDadmin. We get the error Unable to create backup.
> I  also have a couple of questions Would it be possible to use 
> Phpmyadmin to look at the database and make backups. A friend 
> suggested to use Mysql ODBC connector. I Think PHPMyadmin would be 
> more practical.
> 3 we also notice that Centos made the partition that The OS is at 
> Quite Small.I need to know if te music is stored in the same partition 
> or in another partition. Iam thinking have anothe server so we can do 
> production.
> Thanks
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