[RDD] Ubuntu 16.04 - and at the end the font...

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Mon May 30 10:09:39 EDT 2016

If you can avoid upgrading to MySQL v5.7 you should be fine.

There is a very big list of sql to be checked across about 20 different 
tables, so it might take a while to verify Riv is happy with the date 
changes needed.

On 28/05/16 09:31, Manuel wrote:
> Lorne Tyndale <ltyndale at ...> writes:
>> Wayne,
> Hi both,
> Noted you tip, Lorne. I'll try in the near future.
> In the meantime, I did an experience:
> Installed Trusty in another partition and installled Rivendell 2.10.3 using
> the Tryphon packages. Everything works fine, but the system crashes when I
> play RdAirplay. It's a hardware issue and I knew it before on Elementary
> Freya. I have no wifi and the Nvidia 960M doesn't like older kernels. Ok,
> not a surprise.
> Then, I forced an upgrade to Xenial (not a freash install). Got a lot of
> issues, mainly while updating mysql.
> The hardware issues are gone, Nvidia works fine, Rivendell plays with no
> problems RdAirplay, but when it comes to modify logs, it lets you do
> anything, you save and then you realize that actually nothing has been
> saved. You can't also add logs. Every new name you type, it says "Log
> already exists!".
> The same issue I described before.
> No doubt: it's a mysql problem. I may try to start from scratch and avoid
> the mysql update to see what happens.
> Regards,
> Manuel
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