[RDD] Ubuntu 16.04 - and at the end the font...

Manuel sinfonias at sinfonias.org
Sat May 28 04:31:59 EDT 2016

Lorne Tyndale <ltyndale at ...> writes:

> Wayne,

Hi both,

Noted you tip, Lorne. I'll try in the near future.
In the meantime, I did an experience:
Installed Trusty in another partition and installled Rivendell 2.10.3 using
the Tryphon packages. Everything works fine, but the system crashes when I
play RdAirplay. It's a hardware issue and I knew it before on Elementary
Freya. I have no wifi and the Nvidia 960M doesn't like older kernels. Ok,
not a surprise.
Then, I forced an upgrade to Xenial (not a freash install). Got a lot of
issues, mainly while updating mysql.
The hardware issues are gone, Nvidia works fine, Rivendell plays with no
problems RdAirplay, but when it comes to modify logs, it lets you do
anything, you save and then you realize that actually nothing has been
saved. You can't also add logs. Every new name you type, it says "Log
already exists!".
The same issue I described before.
No doubt: it's a mysql problem. I may try to start from scratch and avoid
the mysql update to see what happens.


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