[RDD] Ubuntu 16.04 - and at the end the font...

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Fri May 27 06:39:31 EDT 2016

Polymer isn't easy to get hold of, it was last updated in 2005 I think.  
When you try to compile it under Xenial, you get an error missing 
lqt-mt.  This used to be part of the libqt3-mt-dev package but I can't 
find it at the moment for Ubuntu.

On 27/05/16 08:11, Manuel wrote:
> I would recommend Wayne Merrick's wiki to install Rivendell 2.13.0 on Ubuntu
> Xenial. It does work and you can find it at
> http://rivendell.tryphon.org/wiki/UbuntuXenial
> But at the and I found that the font displayed is serif and hard to read.
> Tried the options for older distros with no success. Qtconfig has no polymer
> option and seems to ignore my attempts to change anything. It simply doesn't
> work and doesn't save changes.
> Any ideas to improve the look? I don't mind to try everything, since I'm
> using a partition for tests only. I have older versions running on other
> machines.
> Best regards,
> Manuel Melo
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