[RDD] audio won't playback.

David Klann dklann at linux.com
Thu May 26 09:44:14 EDT 2016

Hi Lee,

At first blush this seems like it could be a file ownership issue. Make
sure you're running the "ls -al" command as the same user ID as the user
under which the Rivendell daemons are running:

sudo -u rivendell ls -l /var/snd/FILE.wav

Replace "rivendell" with your AudioOwner user (from /etc/rd.conf).

Report back on that with the output of the "ls" command...

  ~David Klann
   WDRT, 91.9fm Viroqua, WI

On 05/26/2016 12:23 AM, Lee Baker wrote:
> Hi all, I've notices a few are having this same issue and I'm a little
> stumped as to how to fix it.
> May 26 15:20:48 rdprod2 caed: Error:
> alsaLoadPlayback(/var/snd/000013_001.wav)   openWave() failed to open
> file
> May 26 15:20:48 rdprod2 caed: unable to allocate stream for card 0
> Have just upgraded to v2.13.0 compiled from source on a debian wheezy
> system, all seems to be configured as it should.
> Audio is on an NFS mount and this is mounted with correct permissions,
> soundcard shows in audio resources, file can definitely be found by
> running ls -al /var/snd/FILE.wav.
> Getting the same issue on another box running an Audioscience card,
> caed: HPI Error: #111 - INVALID_HANDLE, yet drivers are installed and
> RD recognises it.
> Thanks
> Lee

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