[RDD] audio won't playback.

Lee Baker imsoniacnerd at gmail.com
Thu May 26 01:23:41 EDT 2016

Hi all, I've notices a few are having this same issue and I'm a little
stumped as to how to fix it.

May 26 15:20:48 rdprod2 caed: Error:
alsaLoadPlayback(/var/snd/000013_001.wav)   openWave() failed to open
May 26 15:20:48 rdprod2 caed: unable to allocate stream for card 0

Have just upgraded to v2.13.0 compiled from source on a debian wheezy
system, all seems to be configured as it should.

Audio is on an NFS mount and this is mounted with correct permissions,
soundcard shows in audio resources, file can definitely be found by
running ls -al /var/snd/FILE.wav.

Getting the same issue on another box running an Audioscience card,
caed: HPI Error: #111 - INVALID_HANDLE, yet drivers are installed and
RD recognises it.


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