[RDD] Troubles with fonts and key to close RDAirPlay

Manuel sinfonias at sinfonias.org
Mon May 23 08:58:09 EDT 2016

Wayne Merricks <waynemerricks at ...> writes:

>     Hi,
>     There are more problems with the password SQL in the database.  Just
>     checking it now to see if it is simple to fix.
>     The fonts can be changed.  Run qtconfig and make your changes until
>     it looks good for you.
>     Regards,
>     WayneOn 23/05/16 00:04, Jorge Páez wrote:

Hi Wayne, 
I installed yesterday and noticed problems while creating the database.
I will check today.
Anyway, please let me know: may I use Jack? Should I install it before 
May I skip the installation of xfce? This is to be used on a single laptop 
which is a gaming, so I won't have performance issues.

Thanks again for your nice work.

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