[RDD] Riv 2.13.0 web components and create new db issues

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Thu May 19 12:08:58 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I've posted 3 issues/bugs to github.

* When creating a new database there is a bug with the insert into logs 
SQL statement that affects all versions.  It is missing a few extra 
NOW() values.
@See https://github.com/ElvishArtisan/rivendell/issues/121
Patch here: http://thevoiceasia.com/rivendell/createdb.cpp.patch

* Rivendell can't create MySQL users on MySQL version 5.7+.  This means 
it fails when it tries to create the rduser database user and rdadmin 
quits with an "unable to access new database" error.  This is because 
the MySQL users table has changed and no longer has a password field
@See https://github.com/ElvishArtisan/rivendell/issues/123
Patch here: http://thevoiceasia.com/rivendell/opendb.cpp.patch

I also changed the permissions into a grant statement, this is not 
strictly necessary.

* The rd-bin.conf file is incompatible with Apache v 2.4+.  Apache has 
moved from Order and Allow From to Require granted.  I don't know 
whether this is an easy patch because older versions of Apache probably 
don't support the require granted thing.
@see https://github.com/ElvishArtisan/rivendell/issues/124
Patch here: http://thevoiceasia.com/rivendell/rd-bin.conf.patch

If anyone is interested, the Ubuntu 16.04 quest is slowly progressing 
now that these 3 are out of the way.

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