[RDD] Importing month's worth of cuts at a time

ermina ermina at studioplume.com
Tue May 17 07:05:05 EDT 2016

For that kind of scenarios i put all files to be imported in a 
directory, and run a cronjob every day to import the actual file of the 
day : a simple shell script is used to get the file corresponding to the 
date of the day, and then passing it to rdimport 
--create-startdate-offset=0 --create-enddate-offset=0 etc…

. e

On 05/17/2016 12:11 AM, Matthew Chambers wrote:
> I have a few features that I import a month's worth (or more) of cuts
> into the same cart.
> one of those is Max Lucado's UpWords which has a file
> name UPWX_UPW5_05-17-16.mp2, I know I can use rdimport to import them
> all in fairly easily which I have been doing
> rdimport --verbose --delete-cuts --single-cart --metadata-pattern=%i.mp2
> --set-string-title="UpWords" --to-cart=080041 UPWX_UPW5_*.mp2
> Then I have to go through them and set the start and end dates, I see
> that I can supposedly use the --set-datetimes= flag but not sure how I'd
> set that up to pick up the date string from the file name of each cut
> has it runs through the all the files.
> Any thought's from the collective?
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