[RDD] Importing month's worth of cuts at a time

Matthew Chambers mchambers at showmeham.info
Mon May 16 18:11:26 EDT 2016

I have a few features that I import a month's worth (or more) of cuts into
the same cart.

one of those is Max Lucado's UpWords which has a file
name UPWX_UPW5_05-17-16.mp2, I know I can use rdimport to import them all
in fairly easily which I have been doing

rdimport --verbose --delete-cuts --single-cart --metadata-pattern=%i.mp2
--set-string-title="UpWords" --to-cart=080041 UPWX_UPW5_*.mp2

Then I have to go through them and set the start and end dates, I see that
I can supposedly use the --set-datetimes= flag but not sure how I'd set
that up to pick up the date string from the file name of each cut has it
runs through the all the files.

Any thought's from the collective?

Matthew A. Chambers
Public Information Officer
Wright County Emergency Management Agency
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