[RDD] Serial Out vs GPIO

Jim Stewart jstewart at paceaudio.com
Mon May 16 14:26:50 EDT 2016

We've been using GPIOs on an ACS 8.2 for many years now.  I have 4 GPIs and 4 GPOs connected to a Telos Z/IP One CODEC for use on remote broadcasts.  The GPI do things like "Go live after next event", "Return to automation play", "play a Legal ID", and "Cough/Talkback" from some simple push buttons on at the far end.  The GPO's light up LEDS at the far end for things like "Talkback active", "Will go on Air Next" and "On Air Now" status indications.  It has all worked great, once I dealt with the timing problems in the Rivendell macros where command steps are sometimes skipped over unless you put in some sleep "SL" statements in various places (and all these "places" and timings of them seem to change with each Rivendell update!!!).  We are using a computer with a "real" serial port (not a USB one) however.  We are also using Debian Linux instead of Ubuntu or CentOS.

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In my experience there seem to be a lot of RML commands that run fine in external scripts but not directly in RDAirplay.


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On Mon, 16 May 2016, Wayne Merricks wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a BT ACS 8.2.? I initially tried to set up the switcher in Rivendell
> but something about Ubuntu didn't like to reliably do it (the serial port
> stopped accepting commands after a while).
> In the end I settled on using RN to call a script that used screen's stuff
> command to do the same thing.
> Its been running fine for about 6months. I wrote it all up here:
> http://rivendell.tryphon.org/wiki/Switchers
> On 13/05/16 19:12, Ben Blevins wrote:
>       Just curious to see how others are using GPIO.? I have a
>       Broadcast Tools SRC-8 III and Star Tech USB to RS232 adapter.?
>       Are you setting up the SRC-8 in the Switchers/GPIO or just
>       controlling via a Macro with an SO RML command directly? ? I'm
>       just trying to send relays out to my backhaul for local
>       automation.
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